Ideabird 10/24/12

In a world full of super-powered heroes and mutants, Towser the dog, the Kim Il-Sung of crime, rules the underworld of Concord, CA (pop 122,000) with an iron paw. The town isn't big enough to gain the attention of the big guns, like the Scarlet Crossbill. And when the Electric Artichoke was found short-circuited in a vat of mayonnaise, none of the up-and-comers were interested in taking him on. But after defeating all other canine-themed villians, The Blue Cat decided she was going to stoop to his level. The problem was, no one had much information on Towser, or his secret origins. And every time she got close on his tail, he would be gone before she could attack. She began to wonder if someone else had invented him, as a cover. Wasn't the idea of a super-intelligent dog ridiculous?

© Tony Jonick 2013