A Special Thank You!

Last week my Tumblr mirror was mentioned in io9.com. I was confused, but delighted, to suddenly find scores of followers! (And unsure how to thank them.) I hope you are enjoying the site. The original post is at TheIdeaBird.net, but wherever you follow from is great. There is also a twitter feed at @TheIdeaBird, but I have to chop them up to fit them. There is also a WordPress mirror if that's your flavour. To answer the most common question: Am I worried someone will steal my ideas? I have to say you can't steal what I'm giving away. It also means if Bollywood picks up a story idea and Hollywood picks up the same one, neither has cause to complain. As I mention elsewhere, all I ask is acknowledgement and letting me know. Not a big price. In any case thank you everyone, and enjoy!

Tony Jonick

Oakland, CA

© Tony Jonick 2013