Ideabird 10/17/12

Along with our alien allies, we have studied the universe to a great depth. There is definitely a multiverse, that we cannot penetrate, and there appears to be signs of intelligence within those other 'verses. One of the most ready signs is "The Prime Signature." This is an incredibly large prime number that starts with pi (to the 42 millionth place), followed by the number "e," followed by "phi," and the square root of 2. There is growing evidence that our particular universe was not an accidental cosmic creation, but that our physical laws were written from scratch so that our universe is providing energy to another 'verse. They are sucking power & matter from our universe through the laws of gravity. Black holes are seen as evidence of their need to take material from us. There is talk of sending through something destructive as a way to indicate our existence.

© Tony Jonick 2013