Ideabird 8/10/12

They were two lonely people throughout college, each on their own paths. He held a new doctorate in rocketry, she in exobiology. Their paths crossed during the interviews for the Enceladus probe, and they formed a tenuous friendship. Saturn's icy moon was constantly venting snow directly from a liquid interior. The probe, on a 25 year mission, would return a sample to Earth, looking for biological markers. They married soon after the probe flew through the snow curtain, more out of need for companionship than love. Even their children couldn't quell their interior loneliness. When the probe returned they were living separate lives in separate houses, drinking quietly in the evenings. She was the first to notice that the DNA in the returned sample was rewriting the bacteria they fed it. She wasn't sure how she was infected, but she suddenly was able to telepathically sense the sample, the bacteria. Soon she would be in telepathic contact with every living creature on Earth. And beyond. Soon loneliness would be wiped out forever.

Papa responded 8/1/2012

Delicious, may I have seconds, and a larger portion, please?

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