Ideabird 9/7/12

Since the days of Edison there has been a journalistic race to find the next celebrity scientist. Einstein was noted as the eccentric genius in the early 1900s, and Hawking has filled the bill for now. After Hawking was the Australian physicist, MacMurray. Before MacMurray passed away, he pointed out that Rosarita Gomez was an even greater genius. This was news to Gomez, who was just starting her graduate work at Stanford. She had no idea why MacMurray had brought the spotlights onto her, making her a celebrity amongst the public, and public enemy number one in the scientific community. Before he passed, MacMurray had created a computer with his engrams in it, and computer confirmed: Rosarita Gomez was, at this moment, more important than Einstein.

© Tony Jonick 2013