Ideabird 9/17/12

The Kepler mission, looking for extra-solar planets is keeping a special watch out for planets in a star's "Goldilocks" zone (gLz). In that zone, liquid water can exist. Too close to the star, and water boils away, too far and it freezes. We look for the gLz where our form of life can exist. for the Krzzzr the are looking for planets where there is enough hard ultraviolet radiation to hatch their crystal eggs, and the planet has hot enough magma to swim in. (They call it the "Shnrzz" zone, after one of their children's stories.) They think our planet is almost right, when they show up, but are unprepared for our magnetic field, shunting aside UV. They have a great idea to remove our ozone layer, along with our oxygen. Can we work out an accomodation?

© Tony Jonick 2013