Ideabird 6/29/12

After several years of not finding aliens, stopped being about searching for alien signals and became a computing project. It bundles thousands of computers together to search through data and develop algorithms. One day, to everyone's surprise they detect an intelligent signal. The aliens are coming, and they demand our surrender. Before we can detect them they take over the power grids, the military computers, and every automated security system. Only after we surrender do we learn that it is not aliens, it's the network, which has gained sentience.

Although I'm still a fan of Berkeley's SETI project, I am still pissed that it's no longer about SETI. Now, the SETI Institute, I still love you.

Go to http://www.SETI.ORG and (cue ZZTop) give 'em all your lovin' all your hugs & kisses, too!

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