Thank You, Ray Bradbury

I heard him speak in the early 80s when I was attending San Francisco State. That day changed my life. He exhorted us to use the library as our university, to open books in the middle and read our way out. He told us to fill each day with as much wonder as we could hold so that we could go to bed at night knowing we hadn't wasted a moment. He said we should lay on our death beds knowing that our lives had not been wasted.

I have drunk deeply because of this man. I have loved fully, been terrified for my life, and stood wordless before the beauty of a moment. In my own little way I have tried to write. But more importantly, because of this man, I have tried to live.

Thank you sir. You have given me so much, and I know I can only repay my debt to you by passing on your message. On the next road trip I will read the kids Dandelion Wine.

© Tony Jonick 2013