Ideabird Halloween Extra

When my younger daughter was little we were driving her friend home, and the little girl told us about “The Candy Witch.”

"The Candy Witch takes all of your extra candy and leaves you money! I got five dollars!"

My girl asked, “Dad, why doesn’t the Candy Witch come to our house?”

While silently cursing her Moms for not warning us about this new character, I had to come up with something. “She can’t visit everyone, and we already get special treatment from the Easter Bunny,” (since my wife’s family are O’Hares—rabbits—get it?) “So they kind of split up who gets extra attention over the year.”

They found this acceptable.

Fast forward 10 years, and neither child wants to spend Halloween with us. Sad dad. So now there’s a small jack-o-lantern filled with candy at each of their doors. Signed “The Candy Witch.” The Candy Witch uses all the candy she takes from little girls and delivers it to kids whose parents need some extra time to think of their kids as kids. Thanks, Candy Witch!

© Tony Jonick 2013