Ideabird 7/19/13

Today, a little more of a story than a story idea. I hope you enjoy

Sunday at the MegaLoMart, and you’re enjoying your day off, nibbling McNuggets & checking the latest horror books. You stop by the pet section to check out the hamsters & rabbits. The cute fuzzies remind you of your childhood. You notice a little black plastic bag softly rustling in the garbage can. Untying it, you see a pile of nearly-suffocated hamsters. The clerk apologizes, “It's cheaper to put the old ones in a bag instead of giving them injections.” You're pissed off, and the manager apologizes too. “You shouldn't have to see that on the floor, it should be done in the back." The manager's walkie crackles. There's a palette of frozen chicken that spoiled, and needs his signature before they can dump it in the garbage. The horror comes when you realize there are whole factories pumping out animals to dump in the garbage, dump down toilets. You stagger out. Monday you go back to your job at the nursing home.

© Tony Jonick 2013