Ideabird 10/28/13 It’s Post-Human week!

All this week, maybe the next, I want to post story ideas about post-humans.

The molecule was called pseudodrome, and it hooked into the visual and auditory cortices of the brain, causing the user to overlay hallucinations onto the real world. The problem with the molecule was that the body couldn’t seem to flush it out. The more hits you took, the more hallucinations—forever. The only way to expunge it was through the fetus, which helped women, but not men, nor the babies who grew up with it wreaking havoc on their reality systems. Of the babies who grew up with it, some could not survive, walking into cars, etc. Those who did started developing, over generations, a gland which held onto the molecule. They eventually had a psychotropic gland which could deliver and reclaim the molecule at will.

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